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Obesity has many causes and many organs in the body are affected by the disease itself. This is why, during preparation and implementation, a comprehensive obesity treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Multiple experts, including an endocrinologist, a dietician, a psychiatrist, a physiotherapist and an exercise coach, will first examine all patients going to the Levent Hospital Obesity Centre. The patient may also be examined by a cardiologist and pulmonary disease specialist if medical conditions warrant it. If required, the obesity surgical team will also advise appropriate patients.

To establish the underlying factors that cause obesity, eating patterns, psychological disorders and general well-being, any patient applying to our clinic will first be examined. The tests carried out on the patient decide the type of care that matches the unique needs of the client.

In the management of obesity, the Levent Hospital Obesity Center uses the following methods:

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The services that I receive from Levent Hospital Obesity Team is excellent. Dr. Korhan Mercan and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my Gastric Balloon operation. I would have no qualms in recommending them to friendly and friends.

Dr. Mercan and Dr. Posul did a great job with my first ever health exam for obesity treatment. They explained everything to me in a very clear manner. They were also kind and friendly. All of the staff was great – they were helpful and patient.

Wonderful experience with Levent Obesity Treatment Hospital. Dr. Korhan Mercan was a wonderful surgeon, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose Levent Obesity and would highly recommend to anyone.